Our goal is to deliver a high-quality film to our clients and unfortunately, DVDs hinder our ability to do so. We film in high-definition and when we convert high-definition to a DVD format, it downgrades the quality. Ultimately, DVD players can not play high-definition. To maintain the high quality of our work, we provide our lovely couples with their wedding film on a USB flash drive. Of course if DVDs are something you really want, couples may add this option within our A La Carte menu.

When do you arrive to start filming?

We usually arrive during the ‘getting ready’ portion of the wedding day, but every wedding is different so it really depends on the bride and groom’s wedding day timeline. 

Who do you film with? 

Our team consists of a handful of creative filmmakers. Each have a unique style with one goal in mind, to deliver the more natural, true emotions to relive that moment forever.  

How long will it take to receive my wedding film? 

Truth be told, we could edit the film within 1 month, but that just means we probably didn’t put much effort into it. We want to create a unique, high quality wedding film for our newlyweds. Therefore, 4-6 months is our usual turnaround time. For us, every wedding we film is special and every part of the wedding deserves our utmost attention, and this holds very true especially during the editing process. We pay attention to every detail during the editing process and we edit until it is perfect. We value what we do as a form of art. To create a beautiful work of art requires diligence and time. Trust us, the wait will be worth it! 

Why don’t you provide DVDs in the packages? 

How are you Different from other cinematographers? 

We can't speak for what other videographers do and don't do, but we can tell you a little about what we do. We truly have a passion for filming. We spend countless of hours perfecting our craft and always learning the new trends in editing to keep us above the average videographer. We are super easy to work with and talk to our couples like friends. We are like ninjas and very unobtrusive to not be a distraction. There are many videographers out there but if you were to compare our films, in our humble opinion, we create art that far surpasses the majority of videographers out there. We will make you look like rockstars!

Cinematography seems like a big investment, is it worth it?

Unfortunately, brides and grooms often over look hiring cinematographers for their wedding day, and we often hear from newlyweds that they regret not having hired one. Photography is great, don't get me wrong, its necessary. Hiring cinematographers for your wedding day takes "capturing the moment" to a whole new level. As a photograph only capture a millisecond of the "moment", a cinema will capture the "entire" moment. Through cinema, you will be able to hear the laughter and toasts again, the once in a lifetime vows you say to each other, see the expression on each others face while walking down the isle, and let's not forget; you'll be able to gain some blackmail footage of your bridal party on the dance floor. With a beautifully captured wedding film, you will be able to relive all the special moments in a motion as much as you want, for years to come. Don't  be a part  of  the  98% of couples that regret not hiring a videographer.